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Separate, But Together

Open-plan floor has an impact on the way residents of a home use the space and interact with one another.
An open-plan allows the occupants of a space to become more open and engaged in dialogue.

Some benefits of an open-plan:

  • Easier traffic flow between rooms
  • Promotes sociability
  • Shared light: light from one room is shared with other rooms.
  • Resale value: desirable type of floor plan; thus, better resale value.

Nowadays homeowners don’t want walls, but they want to define the spaces using furniture. Our Italian modern furniture can be the answer to this new trend, we design, we order, and we do your installation


Open kitchens can be great spaces for entertaining, but they also have benefits when it comes to functionality, storage and efficiency.

A large kitchen island is a familiar sight in a one-walled open kitchen, and islands can be a great storage option, as well as offering several other important uses, from seating and dining to food preparation. Some open kitchen designs even feature islands with sinks, to maintain the classic work triangle between the sink, refrigerator and stove.

Lighting is a key feature of open kitchen designs, since open designs tend to incorporate more space than their closed-in counterparts.

When it comes to furniture for your open kitchen design, seating will be paramount. Stools or bar-style chairs can be a great addition to a kitchen island to add seating options, and you may also add sets to countertops; a traditional dining area with table and chairs can serve as an eat-in kitchen or a formal dining room.